HIV offenses based on reckless infection by intentionally not disclosing HIV+ status are atrociously heinous.

In today’s civil and criminal justice system, it jails petty thefts, criminalizes tax evasion, even disable kids who didn’t turn in homework on time can be sent to a juvenile-jail. Yet it is completely not illegal for someone stealing trust and faking love, then infecting the target with HIV, for money, drugs, advances.

There is nothing more nefarious than betraying and preying on dedicated others’ empathy. Our society has grown to enable these predator-mutants and countless arrogant surreptitious attorneys who make a living on following the law too literally. They are thrived on loopholes-hunting and gaming the flawed court system to continuously bully the victims in order to keep their clients pounding their chest without any guilt or remorse. Sound very familiar? Trumpism.

This entire blog is a collection of postings of these vicious felonies committed by sociopaths, cheaters, con artists, liars & cowards. It is dedicated to all of the abused victims who deserve to be heard.

I believe justice will be served, and Winter is coming with karma best served chilled.

Deliberately Spreading HIV Virus Needs More Central Government Criminalization

AIDS/HIV is one of the most serious infectious disease in the world, and more and more news about malicious people spreading the virus intentionally. The Supreme People’s Procuratorate’s newspaper “Procuratorate Daily” published an article on the 26th that China should implement criminal laws and regulations for deliberately spreading AIDS/HIV. 2019-Mar-26 The article said that underContinue reading “Deliberately Spreading HIV Virus Needs More Central Government Criminalization”

Management of HIV-infected patients in the intensive care unit

2020-Feb-03 The widespread use of combination antiretroviral therapies (cART) has converted the prognosis of HIV infection from a rapidly progressive and ultimately fatal disease to a chronic condition with limited impact on life expectancy. Yet, HIV-infected patients remain at high risk for critical illness due to the occurrence of severe opportunistic infections in those withContinue reading “Management of HIV-infected patients in the intensive care unit”


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