In today’s civil and criminal justice system, offenses based on reckless HIV infection by intentionally not disclosing HIV+ status are atrociously heinous.

Our judicial system jails petty thefts, criminalizes tax evasion, even juvenile-jails little disable kids who didn’t turn in homework on time, yet it is completely not illegal for faking trust and love for advances and money. There is nothing more nefarious than betraying and preying on dedicated others’ empathy. Our society enables predators and attorneys loopholes-hunting and gaming the flawed court system to continuously bully their victims.

This entire blog is a collection of postings of these vicious felonies committed by sociopaths, cheaters, con artists, liars & cowards. It is dedicated to all of the abused victims who deserve to be heard.

I still believe justice will be served, someday.

Charlie Sheen reportedly caught on audio tape lying about his HIV status to former lover

Charlie Sheen reveals he is HIV-positive. (Screengrab: Today Show) Los Angeles – Charlie Sheen allegedly told one of his former lovers his HIV-positive diagnosis is “none of your business” after they had “sex without the condom”. The 50-year-old actor revealed his condition to the world last November, but according to a 35-minute audio recording uncoveredContinue reading “Charlie Sheen reportedly caught on audio tape lying about his HIV status to former lover”


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